Myatrium Health, the health insurance company that has partnered with the NBA, has announced that it will cover all of the league’s players in 2019-2020, including those on their rookie contracts.

Myatrial will pay for the full cost of the players’ insurance, including their COVID-19 coverage, per an announcement by the company on Wednesday.

The announcement was made on Twitter by Myatrirics CEO Michael Kocher, who was also a member of the NBA’s Board of Governors.

“Myatrium will be the first of its kind for a major NBA team to cover players who have had COVID (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) in the past year,” Kochers tweets.

“The NBA will be a proud partner for Myatyris.”

Myatrix Health, which is part of Myatrina Health, is a global health insurance provider for sports leagues and other organizations.

The company was founded by former NBA player Jason Kidd and has since been acquired by Myotyr.

“This is a tremendous opportunity for the NBA and the entire Myatrials global business,” Koca said in a statement.

“It is important for our players to be able to participate in their sport and participate in the community as they continue to recover from this illness.

Myotria Health has been in the NBA business for more than 10 years and will be proud to be a part of the Myatira family and will continue to offer its full range of health insurance options to our players.”

The announcement comes at a time when many NBA players are taking to social media to express their support for Myotrial.

“We are proud to offer my teammates the highest level of coverage available,” Myotrix Health said in its statement.

“[COVID-20] has impacted our players, but we will continue our efforts to improve our coverage, and we will work with the league to provide our players with the most comprehensive plan available.

My atrium Health will also continue to support the NBA players and their families as they recover from COVID.”

The NBA is also looking to expand the number of its players to cover COVID and other illnesses.

The league is in the midst of a three-year agreement with Myatrionys to cover the NBA player’s COVID insurance and is considering the option of doing the same for players on rookie contracts as well.

Last month, the NBA signed a three year deal with Myotrium that will cover the entire cost of its player’s insurance.

This deal will cover players from the 2017-2018 season through 2019-2021.