The right’s answer to “fake news” is to tell people to “trust the facts,” according to an ad released Monday by the advocacy group Americans for Prosperity.

“Don’t trust the media,” the ad says, “and trust conservatives.

Trust us, and we’ll help you get the facts right.”

The ad also suggests that conservatives will defend “free markets” in the face of “fake media.”

The conservative advocacy group, a conservative super PAC and a 501(c)(4) nonprofit, released a second ad on Monday highlighting a story from The Washington Post that falsely claimed President Donald Trump has been accused of sexually assaulting women.

In fact, Trump has never been accused by a woman of sexually harassing her, and a federal grand jury has not indicted the president on the charges.

In the ad, the group says the Post story is “fake” and that “the president is a true conservative and the facts are right on.”

“Americans for Prosperities believes that when conservatives stand up for truth, the facts will prevail,” said Mark Holden, executive director of Americans for Pro-Business.

The group also released a series of TV spots on Monday, including one that featured a man wearing a suit and tie holding a poster that said “TRUMP SUPPORTER.”

“Donald Trump is a man of the people, not the billionaires,” the poster said.

“America deserves to know what the president is really doing to help the middle class and working families,” it said.

The ads were paid for by Americans for Tax Reform, the political action committee of Republican mega-donor David McIntosh.

The ad shows a man holding a large poster with the words “TRUMP” and “PROTECT THE PEOPLE” next to it.

The image is of Trump and his wife Melania.

A second ad, titled “FALSE MONEY,” is featured below the first.

It shows a young man who looks like Trump and the words, “FREEDOM” and a picture of a woman wearing a headscarf with the word “FULLY” in a small white space.

The poster then says “FED.”

The two ads were also promoted on social media.

Trump did not respond to requests for comment.

The Trump administration has been facing criticism from Republicans for taking steps to block or restrict the flow of information from media outlets.

Trump has defended his executive order on the media, which blocked media outlets from reporting on his immigration policies and the president has said that it has been a “victory.”

Trump has also criticized the federal government for its handling of Hurricane Harvey, saying that the government “should have done a lot more” to help Texans who lost homes in the storm.

He has also taken issue with the government’s response to the Zika virus outbreak.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced late Sunday that it had identified at least 8,093 cases of Zika and 4,788 deaths from the virus, the highest number of confirmed cases since the virus was first reported in Brazil in 2014.

The president also has criticized the EPA for not investigating a major oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, a topic of heated debate in the U.S. Congress.