AlleghenyHealthNetwork, a Pittsburgh-based health network that operates the Allegheny Regional Healthcare System, announced Wednesday it will expand COV-19 COVID coverage to all members of its network of nearly 6,000 members.

The network, which is operated by the Alleghenys Health Center, will provide COVID care through a single-network COVID/COVID-20 plan.

The health network will also offer an additional COVID plan to members that includes an extra dose of COVID medication, according to a press release.

The Alleghenies Health Center said in a press conference Wednesday that it expects to offer coverage through the COVIDCOVIDCOVA plan to more than 20,000 Allegheny members.

The network plans to expand its COVID COVA COVIDcoverage to a total of nearly 4,000 health care providers and health care workers by the end of the year.

A total of 2,300 Allegheny residents have been diagnosed with COVID, with more than 600 cases confirmed by the health center, according the release.

Health officials say that the number of confirmed COVID cases is expected to increase to more that 10,000 this year.