KETTING, Ohio — — The city of Kettering plans to allow some city employees to take paid sick leave in exchange for insurance coverage.

The plan also limits the number of paid sick days that city employees can take.

The Kettering City Council voted 4-3 Tuesday to adopt the policy, which allows city employees with at least two full-time jobs to take two paid sick leaves a year in exchange of insurance coverage, city spokeswoman Kristina Hirsch said in a statement.

It also allows city workers to keep their coverage through January 2019.

The city has about 1,300 city employees, Hirsch added.

“The council will work with the City Attorney’s Office to evaluate the policy’s impact on employee health,” Hirsch wrote.

“It is our understanding that the policy will allow city employees and their families to be fully protected from work-related illnesses and injuries during their sick days.

This will ensure that we continue to be a leader in the health care space and our community.”

The policy allows city officials to set up “pay-as-you-go” plans where employees can keep their paid sick time for up to 30 days a year, Hirssel said.

It allows for city officials “to pay employees for their sick time, in cash or in kind.”

The plan is one of many proposed by local businesses in Ohio and nationwide, including a plan by health insurance giant Cigna to allow workers to get health insurance through their employer.