In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Parks and Recreation’s Parks and Rec stars revealed their favorite moments from their characters on the hit NBC series.

Among the highlights: a scene with Rachel (Amy Poehler), who shares a drink with her ex-boyfriend (John Goodman) at a bar.

“The only thing I’m really happy about is that it was so fun to watch her get to know him and to watch him be more of a normal person,” Poehler told THR.

“I loved how funny she was.”

“It was just so weird and so funny,” Goodman said.

“We all had this idea that we had the best relationship on the show.

I had a weird, weird relationship with my character, and I didn’t know why.

I just didn’t understand it.”

The pair’s romantic relationship is also a big reason Goodman has found happiness on the job.

“It’s really great to have a relationship with your wife,” Goodman told THR in April.

“And she’s so nice and so supportive and so nice.

I’m a lot happier working with her.

I love her.

She’s my wife.”

In an exclusive interview with THR, Poehler also shared her thoughts on her favorite character, her favorite TV show, and her upcoming TV film.

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