John Kasich of Ohio said Friday that health officials around the country should work closely with states, the Associated Press reported.

Kasich said Friday he’s not sure how he would respond to a request from President-elect Donald Trump to help combat the Zika virus.

“I’m not sure what I’d do, but I’d certainly encourage states to be working with the federal government to get the help that they need,” Kasich told CNN.

The New York Times said Kasich is proposing a $20 million plan to combat the virus, though the plan has not been publicly released.

Kasich also wants the CDC to help with the implementation of new vaccine protocols and testing, according to the AP.

Trump has called for an expansion of the federal Zika response, including $2 billion for mosquito control and other measures, including hiring more Zika experts and a more intensive outreach effort to increase awareness and testing.

Associated Press reporter Daniel Trotta in New York contributed to this report.