EmblemHealth is one of a number of California-based companies that are using the EmblemHealth emblem and health care system to expand their operations.

The company said it will start to provide health care services in Puerto Rico, which it bought in 2016 for $7.6 billion.

“We expect to launch our first health care delivery service in Puerto Rican territory by the end of 2018, and the plan is to expand the service throughout the U.S.,” EmblemHealth CEO John Hovater said in a statement.

“Our plan is for the Emblem Health network to grow into a global healthcare system with a global reach.”

EmblemHealth CEO Hovaters announcement came just days after EmblemHealth announced that it was adding two additional locations to its existing network in California.

In addition to California, EmblemHealth also announced that its second California health hub, in San Jose, is set to be up by the start of 2019.

EmblemHealth is now offering coverage for more than 60,000 residents of Puerto Rico.

The hub will be built in the Mission, which will include a pharmacy, health clinics, a pharmacy concierge and a pharmacy pharmacy services department.

Emblems healthcare system is also expanding into California.

In October, the company announced plans to build a second California hub in Santa Barbara County.

The new hub will include an office and two doctors offices.

The company also said it was planning to build two additional hubs in New York and New Jersey.

According to EmblemHealth, its initial mission was to provide free health care to U.A.E. citizens, which is why it is expanding into Puerto Rico and California.