NEW JERSEY, N.J. — A report from New Jersey’s public health department shows that there is a lack of transparency in how New Jersey operates its public health system.

The report was released today by the state’s Department of Health and Senior Services. 

In the report, published on Thursday, the department found that the state of New Jersey lacks any national standards for its hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and other care facilities. 

The report found that there were many “inaccurate, incomplete, and/or misleading statements and representations” about the quality and performance of health care services in the state, the report said. 

“It is imperative that all people with disabilities receive the health and mental health services that are right for them and that the care provided is safe and effective,” the report states.

“Our public health systems need to be responsive to the needs of the diverse population that makes up our state.”

The department also found that many facilities do not adhere to federal standards for medical staffing.

“The system as a whole has failed to establish any meaningful and consistent process for establishing standards for staff to perform health care needs assessments,” the department wrote in its report.

According to the department, “systems that do not have adequate staffing levels to provide services to all people need to develop and implement an in-house staffing plan, which is the first step in ensuring the quality of care and the safety of the health system.”