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“I can’t do anything about it if I don’t have the money, so I had to make it myself.”

For $35 a month, you can get a flu vaccine, which will be administered over the course of three doses, or one dose for every three months you are in school.

“There’s no way you can buy a flu shot for a month and not buy a vaccine,” said one parent.

But the cost is also prohibitive.

If you buy the full cost of a flu vaccination for the full three-dose regimen, it costs about $5,000, according to a National Geographic article.

If you have a pre-existing health condition, it could cost more, too.

The National Vaccine Alliance (NVLA), a group of medical professionals who help parents choose a flu jab, says that the vaccine should only be taken after a doctor has evaluated the risks.

“The flu vaccine should be used as directed for any condition that is likely to increase your risk of developing flu-like illness,” it said in a statement.

The NVLA advises people to check their health history before choosing a flu flu vaccine.