Tri County Health Association has agreed to pay for mammograms and other screening tests for men, the county health association announced.

The announcement comes as the health authority announced a new program aimed at expanding the availability of mammograms.

In its announcement Wednesday, the Tri County Authority of Health announced it is launching the Tri Health Men’s Health Program.

The Tri Health Health Men�s Health Program is designed to provide health care services to men, ages 25-44 and up to age 65.

The program provides access to mammograms, mammography exams and other cancer screenings, and screening and follow-up care services for men and their families.

The program offers men and women the option to choose from one of three packages, according to a news release from Tri County.

The package with mammograms costs $199.99, the package with a mammography exam costs $249.99 and the package without a mammogram is $349.99.

A Tri Health spokesperson told FOX Sports the Tri Men�z Health Program will begin as early as this fall.

Tri County Health said the TriMen�s health program will be available to men ages 25 to 44, with coverage beginning on Oct. 1, 2019.

Tri County plans to continue to expand coverage to men of all ages through 2020.

“The Tri Men’s health program is designed for men in Tri County and the Tri-County area, and we�re excited to help men across the county access quality health care that�s available to them at a price that makes sense for them,” Tri County Chairman John F. Stokes III said in the news release.

“We want to thank Tri County for its commitment to providing affordable health care to all Tri County residents and to ensure that our families have access to high-quality health care.”

Tri County has more than 6,000 employees.

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